Welcome to The Eternal Convention 2018!

The Eternal Convention 2018 will take place from May 18, 2018 to May 21, 2018 at Youth Hostel Castle Stahleck in Bacharach!

Online Registration for The Eternal Convention 2018 is closed right now due to the number of registered participants. But don't worry! As we are not selling all available places online to have some options for the annual room and bed Tetris game, chances are quite good that you will still be able to attend! Best get in contact with Pittel at pittel@eternal-con.de as quickly as you can to catch one of the last available spaces!

Convention Fees

Participants of the convention will have to pay the following fee:

  • 0-3 years FREE!!!
  • 4-10 years€39.00
  • 11-14 years€49.00
  • regular con fee€129.00

The price includes 3 x Accomodation and sheets, in addition breakfast, lunch, dinner and the Convention-Fee.


Currently, the following Freeforms are announced:

Norinevras Heimkehr

Freeform for 5 to 15 Teenagers aged 12 to 17 years

Language: German

Glorantha: We write the Year 1620 (after the Dawning of Ages). It is Water-Time in the occupied Kingdom of Sartar in Dragon Pass.
Norinevra is dying. She is the ancient and beloved Asrelia-Priestress of your clan. With her last strength she has summondes all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren from the whole country to ask one last favour before she passes away.
What could that favour possibly be?